RJF Motorcycle Logistics. A professional motorcycle delivery service

Motorcycle Delivery Service For UK Mainland

Who Are We?

RJF Motorcycle Logistics is a fully insured UK motorcycle delivery service based in Corby, Northamptonshire. We provide a professional solution for your bike transportation needs for both the public and trade alike.

In simple terms we collect your motorbike from one location and deliver it to another while providing updates on progress along the way. As a result of the way we operate you can put your feet up knowing what’s happening with your transportation.

If you are Trade and have a business enquiry then send us an email, we would love to hear from you.

How Was RJF Motorcycle Logistics Born?

RJF Motorcycle logistics was set up in 2018 by Robert Fletcher.
Rob has a background in the motor trade previously working as a trade plate driver delivering prestigious and high performance cars.

A working day would often consist of starting the day in an Audi RS6 and going back to base in a new Range Rover. However nice the work was the pay was poor. After this Rob started to work for a motorcycle company as a technician but also took care of driving duties delivering bikes to dealerships. The setup for transportation didn’t meet the level of quality that Rob would of expected. After some research into other transportation companies Rob decided that things can be done better so RJF Motorcycle Logistics was born.

We started off simple after selling some belongings we bought a ford transit and a simple ramp and focused on local motorcycle deliveries. As we began to build up a small customer base we replaced the van with something nicer and have continued to evolve the business over time.

Motorcycle Delivery In Progress
Classic Motorcycle Delivery
2 Motorcycles in transit

How Do We Transport Your Motorcycle?

Our aim is to provide a professional level of motorcycle delivery with a personal touch.

Therefore we do not aim to squeeze as many bikes as possible into our van. We understand that the bikes we transport belong to a person and are likely to be your pride and joy. With this in mind we treat the bikes as they are our own pride and joy.

We only carry 2 bikes maximum at a time. This allows the bikes to have the correct space to be stood upright in a quality wheel chock.
Bikes are secured in place using 4 ratchet straps and our wheel chocks are bolted to the floor.

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