About our Motorbike Transport Service


Rob is the owner and driver for RJF Motorcycle Logistics.

From your first quote request to the moment the motorbike is delivered you will be working directly with Rob. 

Rob decided to setup RJF Motorcycle Logistics in 2019 after previously working in the motor trade delivering cars before moving onto working for a motorbike manufacturer. Taking the experience from these previous roles and the skills learnt he felt it was the right time to setup alone and provide professional motorbike transport.
Some sacrifices where made to help start the business, selling off Rob’s own bike to help fund the first van was probably the hardest one!

The vision that Rob had was to provide a friendly and professional motorbike transport service ensuring that all motorcycles are transported in a safe and secure manner. There is enough motorbike transporters out there that will strap a bike to a sidewall alongside 5 other bikes and call it day, That is not what Rob wanted to create.


Charlotte takes care of the administrative duties of the business.

Once a quote has been accepted Charlotte will ensure that all documentation is completed for the job so that on the day of the motorcycle collection or delivery Rob has all the information available to perform his work efficiently.

Alongside working on the admin duties Charlotte also holds a full time job as a dispatch coordinator within the automotive manufacturing industry and also assists with purchasing. Charlotte is also a part time Tutor in forensics, criminology and ballistics 

We are a Northamptonshire based motorcycle and scooter transportation service. We provide a safe and secure delivery service to customers all across mainland UK for trade and public.




We pride ourselves in offering a professional and friendly motorbike transport service and have experience in transporting all types of motorbikes throughout the UK.

We only move motorcycles/scooters and the associated parts in our fully equipped van.

We have previously collected bikes from H&H Auctions, Bonhams and Silverstone auctions on behalf of customers.


We take pride in being a reliable motorbike transport service

Communication is provided throughout the whole journey and you will be informed of a time slot your motorcycle will be delivered. If for any reason there is delays we will ensure you are fully informed.

Motorbike Transport

How Does Our Motorcycle Collection And Delivery Service Work?

Step 1 : The first step to getting your motorcycle transport booked is to request a quote from us. Once you have had a look through our website and decided that our transport service is correct for your needs, you need to head over to the “contact” page and either send us an email or use the supplied contact form. We aim to respond to all enquires within 24 hours. Our response will give you a quote for the transport you have requested along with an idea of our availability.

Step 2: When you have decided that you would like to proceed with our motorbike transport service we will ask for the full details of the addresses of collection and delivery points along with contact numbers. We will communicate with both the collection and delivery points to discuss the times and dates of collection and ensure everything is in place for the day.

Step 3: The day of the collection/delivery we will aim to arrive within the agreed collection window, when we are about 20 minutes away from a collection or delivery we will send a message to let the individual know that we are near. Once we have arrived at your bike we will perform a visual check of the bike and mark down any damage, we also make a note of keys and documents along with any spares that may come with the bike.

Once our inspection has been completed the responsible person will be asked to sign that they agree with our condition report.
Once the paperwork has been signed the bike is then under our insurance and can be loaded into our van. On departure we will contact the delivery point to let them know the bike is now under our care and update our ETA to them if heading directly there, if we have another delivery along the way we will let you know when we leave that delivery. Prior to arrival at our delivery location we will once again send a message when about 20 minutes away.

When we arrive at the delivery point we will unload the bike for you and present you with any paperwork or parts that came with the bike, we will give you some time to have a look around the bike and make sure you are happy that it has arrived as expected. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the bike we are happy to help move the bike into a garage or area that you wish the bike to be parked. We will then ask for a signature to hand the bike over to the delivery point at which point the bike is then your responsibility.

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