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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Organises The Transport?

All bookings are handled directly by Rob. From the first request for a quote to the moment your new motorcycle is delivered you will only be speaking to Rob.
We will communicate with all involved parties on your behalf to arrange the transportation. Learn more about us here

How Is My Bike Secured?

All motorcycles and scooters are secured using high quality chocks and straps. We do not place straps over seats or body work. and we do not lean bikes against the van wall using your granny’s cushions or blankets.
We have a full section detailing our safe motorcycle transport method here

Are you Insured?

Yes! We have the correct insurance policy in place to insure up to £50,000 worth of bikes in transit. This insurance covers the value of the bike in transit. Man n van services have goods in transit insurance or haulage insurance. These policy’s often pay out a fee in relation to the weight of the item which will not cover the full value of a motorcycle

Will You Price Match?

In most instances no. There are many cowboy outfits that may quote at very low prices often through auction sites. You often have no proof of who will actually be handling your bike or how its going to be transported.

Can You Pay For My Bike For Me?

In some cases we may be able to help if the seller requires cash on collection. We would require the purchase fee upfront with sufficient time to withdraw the required money. Full receipts are given for the transfer of money. There is a handling fee of £45 for this service.

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