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The Motorcycle Transport Setup

This is our motorcycle transport setup. We take a lot of pride in the setup that we have created for the safe transportation of your bike therefore we love to show and tell people about it. Below you will find information on the equipment we use to ensure that your motorcycle is secure. We have the correct equipment to safely load and secure all motorbikes and scooters.

The setup that we have in our current van allows us to carry 2 motorbikes upright and secured in place with the wheel chock and ratchet straps. Therefore your bike is not against the van wall and is not transported on its stand.


Motorbike Transport Van
Motorcycle Transport Setup Example

What Equipment Do We Use To Ensure Safe Motorcycle Transport?

Full Sized Fixed Ramp: Our ramp is 1.2m Wide and 2.6m in length. This ramp has a maximum weight capacity of 700kg. As a result we can safely load any bike from the smallest 50cc moped to the largest Harley with 1 person.

Wheel Chocks/stands: We have 2 high quality wheel chocks mounted with 4 bolts into the floor of our van. These aren’t cheap eBay imitations.

Ratchet Straps/Tie Downs: We have a selection of Ratchet straps in our van. For the front of the bike we use retractable straps. These are used to secure the bike into the wheel chock without the need of over compressing the forks. The rear of the bike we use endless ratchet straps that use a soft material. Because of the straps we use the bike is secure while looking presentable. Alongside these straps we have additional blankets and straps to secure accessories. 

Cargo Rails: Our van has cargo rails fitted. Because of this we have a bigger selection of strapping points meaning we can direct straps away from body panels or exhausts.

Other Features Of Our Motorcycle Transport Setup.

Flooring: The flooring that we have in our van is phenolic coated, the same flooring used in agricultural trailers and other applications. The flooring is sealed and wipe clean while providing a high grip surface.

Camera: We have a camera mounted in the load area of the van. This means during the transport of your motorcycle we are able to see the bike.

Carpet Lining: We have covered our walls with carpet, this is purely cosmetic and gives a nice presentation on the delivery of your bike.

Lighting: Our van has lights. In the load area we have strip lights that are used during transport alongside the camera to see your bike. We have LED lights in the load area to aid visibility while loading and unloading. To the Rear of the van we have a small spot light which lights up the ramp and ground.
We also have warning lights mounted to the roof, rear and front of the van. Therefore if your in a dark rural area we can ensure other traffic is aware of our presence

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