Terms And Conditions


If you need to cancel please let us know at the first opportunity to avoid incurring charges. 

48 – 36 hours – 50% of delivery charges.
36 – 24 hours – 75% of delivery charges
Under 24 hours – 100% of delivery charges.


Failed Collections/Deliveries

If collection or delivery has been arranged and confirmed with either the collection or delivery point and we turn up to collect the motorcycle and no one is there, we will try to make contact with the contact details that are provided at the time of booking and if we are unable to reach you within 15 minutes we will leave and contact you to rearrange collection or delivery at cost.
If we are able to get hold of you we will wait up to 30 minutes for you to arrive. If you are unable to arrive within 30 minutes an alternate collection may be made depending on the schedule for that particular day.

If the delivery point isn’t available then the motorbike will be returned to our base and placed into secure storage until a suitable date is rearranged.

The following charges will be applied for failed collections/deliveries.
No contact within 15mins at collection or delivery point – 100% of agreed price.
Contact within 30mins and arrival of customer – No charges.
Contact within 30mins and arrival of customer after 30mins – £15.00.
Contact within 30mins and not able to attend – 100% of agreed price.
Storage of motorbike due to failed delivery – £5 per day.
Rearrange of collection or delivery – At Cost.


Waiting Time

If for any reason we are unable to load or unload, you could incur waiting charges. You will not incur any waiting charges for up to 30mins at both the collection and delivery points.
If we are left waiting for over 30mins you will incur a £15 charge. If we are left waiting at both collection and delivery points for over 30mins at each point you will be charged for both, totalling £30.
If we are left for over 1 hour we will leave and continue on to our other customers as it isn’t fair on them to be left waiting when timings would have already been agreed with them.
If we have to leave you will be charged for 100% of the agreed price and collection or delivery will be rescheduled at cost.



If you motorbike is a non-runner please make sure you inform us at the time of booking so that arrangements can be made for loading. If we turn up to find a non-runner and are unable to load the motorbike we may be forced to abandon the job or rearrange which would incur additional fees equivalent to the failed collection or delivery fees.


Vehicle Documentation, Part or Accessories

We are more than happy to collect and delivery documentation, parts, keys or accessories but we will need to be informed what you are expecting to be delivered to you. We will not be responsible for items that you are expecting to receive not being delivered if we are not informed at the time of booking. We document everything that is collected on our inspection report.


Damage Claims

All motorbikes will have a inspection report carried out on collection and delivery which will be signed at both collection and delivery points saying that they agree with the condition of the motorbike on the report.
If damages aren’t raised at the time of delivery and the inspection report is signed then we will be unable to proceed with a claim. If the report hasn’t been signed and you notify us on damage on delivery then we will raise a claim for you.
We will not accept any damage claims after you have received the motorbike so please make sure you are happy with the condition before signing the paperwork.



Payment is to be made 100% in full either prior to delivery or upon receipt of the motorbike unless agreed.
If credit terms are agreed (trade only), payment is to be received 7 days from the date of the invoice or late payment fees will be applied of £30.
Payment can be made via BACs transfer, cash on delivery or card.
Please ensure the motorbike is fully paid for by the time the collection is arranged or if you require us to inspect the bike on your behalf prior to making the payment please let us know at the time of booking.

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